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PJONB7GRULClient - Embedded Views - Fixed an issue with embedded views where they could display incorrect output under high server load.
AYAVCL7CM4Client - UI - Basic Client - Fixed an issue where some child windows were not receiving paint message because they were wrongly marked invisible...
RBIP6C4LUZClient - Fixed an issue where trying to open Mail.box from Admin or Notes client failed when Notes.ini Mail_Enable_Mailbox_Compatibility=1 was...
SAPLCG3ENQClient - nsd - Fixed an issue with nsd not working on Mac OS platforms Monterey and above
KSAUCKKEJRClient - Editor - Fixed an issue with URL hotspots to Excel files redirecting to web browser to open the Excel file. This regression was introduced...
ASIACATQU8Client - Editor - Fixed an issue where numbered lists in Notes always display as resumed instead of resetting to 1. This regression was introduced...
SKUECLEGABClient - Client UI - Fixed an issue where trying to import an image into a rich text lite field (like the one in the Preferences for Mail Signature)...
SMOYCL28A4Client - Notes Federated Login - Fixed an issue with SAML\Notes Federated Login where the distinguished name of the user contains Swedish letters...
PSHECLULWM Client - Embedded Views - Fixed an issue with embedded views where only the first category was being shown. This regression was introduced in...
ASHACFU276Client - Workspace - Fixed an issue where the unread count indicator on Workspace database icon was not updating when doing "Refresh Unread Count" or...
YYUNCLD4ERClient - Mail - Fixed an issue with the Notes client where forwarding or replying to an e-new message and answering Yes to the dialog about "The...
IBAACLXLT2Client - Embedded Sametime - Fixed an issue with the 64 bit Notes client where using embedded Sametime with SAML login does not work. This...
PDARCH8EA2Client - Calendar & Scheduling - Fixed an issue where opening an accepted rescheduled notice was resulting in the dialog "This meeting has been...
NFROCM2SSJClient - Calendar - Fixed an issue with Notes Client where calendar print and print preview has grey section on the left side. This regression was...
JWIECNGAE4 - Client - Addressing - Fixed an issue with the 64 bit client where clicking in the selection area of Select Addresses dialog would result in a...
ASHECECD76 Client - Views - Fixed an issue with views where computed action labels would sometimes disappear from view if the view remained open in the...
DNADCLLU8BClient - UI - Fixed an issue where desktop icons would not be shown and client would become unusable due to a memory leak. This regression was...
SMOYCGHD6ZClient - Replication - Fixed an issue where replication would be slow and eventually fail with message "Network error: buffer was too small" when...
AYAVCPH7BPClient - Sametime Integration - Fixed an error in Basic Client where embedded Sametime failed to load resulting in status bar error "Error logging in...
SRDECLGF77Client - Mail - Fixed an issue where doing "Reply to All with history and attachments" to an email where the sender's email address is a malformed...
SANECMGJE8Client - Mail - Fixed an issue in the Notes 64 bit client where MIME emails cannot be scrolled using the up and down arrows. This regression was...
ATHNCQ469AClient - AUT - 64 bit - Fixed an issue where the Notes 64 bit install did not install the AUT client.


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